I no longer remember my password, what should I do to recover it?

With the launch of the new site, you will no longer have the access data for your personal area stored. So, if you don't remember or have lost your password, you can take the steps to set a new one. Click here and follow the steps to choose your new password.

How can I get support to receive information and to order?

We are happy to help you, you can call us at the fixed number 0721 405153 or write us an email to info@dentalgreen.it indicating your request, or if you prefer you can use the whatsapp service at number 342 79 82 951

What payment methods can I use for my orders?

You can use the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer in advance
  • Prepaid or credit card
  • Paypal (payment in 3 installments where required)
  • Cash on delivery (not available outside Italy)

Do I have to be a doctor to buy?

Several items are reserved for the dental class enrolled in the register, others can be purchased normally, if you have doubts call us or send an email.

How can I be sure that the products are valid and guaranteed?

Dentalgreen bases its identity on quality. We can boast of being a healthy Italian company able to provide assistance One to One and maximum transparency on the whole process of selling products. All products come from official sales network, are managed and stored with the best standards of control and logistics.

How long do I have to wait to receive the order?

Legend availability articles on the site:

  • Immediate availability (arrives in 24/48hours, 72hours islands)
  • Last pieces available (from 1 to 3 in stock)
  • Availability 3-5 days (working)
  • Availability 14-21 days. (article not available, to order, expected delivery in 14/21 working days)

How to search for categories and products for dentistry?

One of the advantages of our site is the search speed. You can search for products using product categories, or faster, you can type in the SEARCH field, part of the keywords in any sequence. Example: If you are looking for medium latex gloves, you can type "latex med guant". It is not necessary to complete the words and sometimes the search works better, because if you look for CUTTER, and the name or description is CUTTERS, you risk not finding the product. We suggest that you omit the last letter that differentiates the product from single to multiple.

If you have already purchased previously, you can easily reorder your favorite items. After you have logged in, the system will show you in your personal menu, under WISHLIST, the items already purchased, or those items that you have not yet purchased but that, by clicking on the heart symbol, you have marked as a favorite item.

How do I know if products are in stock?

In each article we inform you if it is ready for delivery, or last pieces, or near to run out temporarily, if the product is not ready for delivery and we indicate the average waiting time, considers that normally on most of the products the times indicated are longer than the actual ones in which you will receive the goods.

How can I return a product?

If I am a private person can I buy whitening?

All whitening we remember are professional cosmetic products "reserved exclusively for registered dentists FNOMCEO" and "dental hygienists". If you meet these requirements, you can place your order independently on our website. If not, please do not proceed with the order, thank you.

If there are different items in my order, when will I receive my order?

For each order we make a maximum of 2 shipments, all items with immediate availability are immediately shipped and then, when all other items arrive upon completion of the order, we will make a second and last shipment without additional charges.

How does COD payment work?

COD is a payment on delivery, where the items must necessarily be all available. In case some items are not in immediate availability, the order will be blocked and you will be contacted by phone to review the payment plan.

Why did I receive my order in part despite immediate availability?

As a company we have 2 department stores, you can then receive the same order with 2 different shipments, based on the availability of items in our stores. 

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