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Using magnification systems in dentistry

To see or not to see, this is the question !


Utilizzo di sistemi ingrandenti in odontoiatriathe magnifying system is the centerpiece of the three concepts, the use of a magnifying system improves significantly what we would like to see, using it we realize that somespecial without the use of it we would not have seen them or, worse, we interpreted them differently from what they actually are.

What you see is what you get!

a wide choice

Microscope or magnifying glasses, which to choose, what benefits ? The answer is based on the use which it is intended, and before we left we make a premise linked to:


Magnification systems are stereoscopic, that the vision is borrowed from two sources, the ns. eyes, this duality allows depth perception

Now, in this brief statement we start from:




allows high magnification, has a significant footprint and its use provides an immediate learning, is indicated in some particularly in some disciplines such as endodontics and periodontics and implants, its cost and the identification of the location within the study mean that, despite strong growth, its distribution within the dental practice is not wide, its products or endodontics is significant and its use can make a difference .The microscope uses multiple magnifications in the same and uses a light source, which greatly improves the quality of what is observed.
The light sources most commonly used can be of three types, filament lamp, xenon light source and LED, differing in degree / shades of color, and light intensity in lux.
The microscope can be mounted on attacks / different bases such as:


• Stand on wheels: allows mobility within the studio and its use also on several studies in the building, as against has the size of the base.


• Wall Mount: greatly reduces clutter and almost cancels it being not being able to work close against the supporting wall, it requires that the wall that houses it is at a distance compatible with the extension of the microscope arm.

• Ceiling connection: positioning near the operating area, the horizontal arms can be contained, it needs a feasibility of installation in the ceiling since the weight of the microscope is significantly


Multimedia systems of shooting and viewing

 You can be connected via appropriate accessories cameras or video cameras for capturing images and videos with the possibility of real-time display on monitors

Sistemi multimediali di ripresa e visione

Magnification systems on glasses or helmets

There is a choice of magnification systems divided between type / magnification and working distance.







Type / enlarge:
Unlike the microscope, each system can have only one magnification, you can choose different zoom factors that differ for the technology with which to get, on average, in the enlargements that depart from 2.5X to 3.5X using the Galilean system up Atali enlargements avoids artifacts in the display, for its lightness is mainly applied to eyewear frames with the possibility of use even for corrective lenses, this technology allows for a particularly lightweight system and bright as the binocular-like 2 cones, are of reduced depth, while if it requires a higher magnification of 3.5X to 6,0X you use the Prismatic system similar to 2 cylinders, this system allows a greater magnification of the observed field, however, with an increase in the weight, in these cases is indicated the use of a helmet that distributes the weight on your head.

Working distance:
The working distance is often linked to physical conformation where mainly the stature and the relative length of the arms influences in finding the right distance / set-fire work, a method to identify the working distance stà in position in a correct posture, without the inclination of the shoulders and neck, and measure the distance between the eyes and an object held in the hands with an angle between the arms and forearms of about 90 degrees, such detection of the distance helps to maintain a correct position of working avoiding fatigue in the back structure neck.

lighting systems:
Even here a lighting system improves the display, the most widespread systems are currently developed using LED light sources connected to read batteries that can be fastened to the operator's belt and through a cable connected to the light source positioned between the binocular , their weight is extremely low



Increased ergonomics = more health and comfort:
Magnification systems help to maintain a correct posture where, identified the optimal working distance, the operator will adopt a posture that is easy on the back neck apparatus is the same system magnifying and in its use brings the operator to take the correct positions.